The Author - Mary

My dogs are my inspiration

I started writing the Mandy and Raven Books™ years ago.  My dogs are my inspiration and I wanted to be able to share their playfulness with others. Mandy and Raven love to play and have fun.  What a better way to share them than through my books! In the entire Mandy and Raven Books™ series Mandy teaches Raven how to do the right thing and respect others.I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I’ve loved writing them.


Mandy is a Border Collie mix and lives in Phoenix with her brothers Raven and Charlie.  She is the leader of the group and isn't shy about telling the boys what to do.


Raven is a lab mix and lives in Phoenix.  He is the playful one who likes to go on adventures even when he's not supposed to!  He is good at listening to his mommy and to Mandy.